TCOTD – Hurricane Juliette – Sep. 26

September 26
2001 JULIETTE 125 knots in the Eastern Pacific

This shouldn’t be confused with Hurricane Juliette (2005) that was also a TCOTD from September 20th. Our first repeat. Will there be more?

There was an eye scene on this day, but I chose this image because it shows how much the clouds can spiral.

Go classify images like this at

Statistics and Rankings
Global rank (of 3248) Basin rank (of 594) Yearly rank (of 107)
Lifetime Maximum Wind (knots) 125 260 26 5
Lifetime Minimum Pressure (mb) 923 668 231 3
ACE (103 knots2) 192.05 207 33 2
PDI (105 knots3) 166.48 180 33 2
Duration (days) 11.75 596 43 13
TC Days (days) 8.75 399 39 7
Hurricane Days (days) 5.75 255 41 6
Distance Traversed (km) 3776. 1210 113 34

IBTrACS Storm ID: 2001264N13269

About K Knapp

I am a meteorologist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC. My research interests include using satellite data to observe hurricanes, clouds, and other climate variables. *******Disclaimer******* The opinions expressed in these blogs are mine only. They do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of NOAA, Department of Commerce, or the US Government.

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