TCOTD – Typhoon Ed – Oct. 4

October 4
1993 ED 140 knots in the Western North Pacific


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TCOTD – Typhoon Melor – Oct. 3

October 3
2009 MELOR 130 knots in the Western North Pacific

One of the most intense systems for 2009. In the top 10% for each category listed below!

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TCOTD – Hurricane Lili – Oct. 2

October 2
2002 LILI 125 knots in the North Atlantic
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TCOTD – Typhoon Parma – Oct. 1

October 1
2009 PARMA 135 knots in the Western North Pacific


It is in the top 2% of tropical storm days (40th all time).

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TCOTD – Hurricane Tina – Sep. 30

1992 TINA 130 knots in the Eastern Pacific
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Joaquin: Classifying Shear Storms in Cyclone Center

Tropical Storm Joaquin is moving slowly over warm North Atlantic waters this evening.  If atmospheric conditions were ideal, Joaquin would be well on his way to becoming a hurricane.  Instead, he is struggling to develop because the atmospheric winds are creating strong “shear” which displaces the energy source of the storm away from the center.  Watch the animated image below:

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TCOTD – Typhoon Higos – Sep. 29

2002 HIGOS 135 knots in the Western North Pacific

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TCOTD – Typhoon Elsie – Sep. 28

1981 ELSIE 150 knots in the Western North Pacific
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TCOTD – Typhoon Ginger – Sep. 27

1997 GINGER 145 knots in the Western North Pacific

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TCOTD – Hurricane Juliette – Sep. 26

September 26
2001 JULIETTE 125 knots in the Eastern Pacific
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